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At Wequity, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way companies approach ESG and compliance questionnaires. Our mission is to create an AI-powered solution that seamlessly automates these processes, utilizing internal knowledge bases and data. In this transformative landscape, your role as a No-Code Engineer is pivotal. As a crucial member of our team, you will be deeply involved in developing and refining our innovative dashboard and browser extension. These tools are designed to simplify and accelerate the completion of ESG and compliance questionnaires by intelligently drawing on a wealth of internal data and insights. Your primary responsibility will be to leverage no-code platforms (e.g. Bubble, Xano…) to build and enhance the user interface and functionality of our AI-powered dashboard. This involves integrating complex AI algorithms and data processing capabilities into a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Your work will ensure that our clients can easily navigate and utilize our tools, making the process of completing compliance and ESG questionnaires efficient, accurate, and user-centric. As part of Wequity, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of our no-code development strategy and be a key player in our mission to revolutionize the way companies approach ESG and compliance. Outcomes • Design and implement the UI/UX of the AI-powered dashboard for automating ESG & compliance questionnaires, using no-code platforms. This includes creating an intuitive and efficient user interface that integrates AI functionalities seamlessly. • Develop and optimize both front-end and back-end components of the dashboard, focusing on ensuring its seamless functionality, user-centric design, and effective integration with internal knowledge bases and data. • Contribute to product development and research, providing innovative insights and ideas that enhance the dashboard's capabilities and overall product effectiveness. • Collaborate in parallel with the engineering and product teams, offering a unique blend of technical and product strategy perspectives to enhance the development process. Join Our Team Do you see yourself as part of our dynamic adventure? If yes, we're excited for you to apply and embark on this journey with us! • Step 1: Begin by submitting your CV using the following form: • Step 2: Engage in a 30-minute discussion with our CTO. • Step 3: Tackle a technical case to showcase your skills. • Step 4: Have a 30-minute conversation with one of our co-founders. • Step 5: Get ready to start an exciting new chapter with us!


Must-have Skills • No-Code Platform Proficiency: Demonstrated experience in using no-code platforms (e.g. Bubble) for UI/UX development and system integration. • UI/UX Design: Strong sense of user interface design and user experience, capable of creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. • English. Ability to speak and write in English. • Collaborative Skills: Ability to work independently yet effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product and engineering. Please know that even if you don’t have experience in all the areas above but think you could do a great job and are excited about shaping company culture, finding great people, and building great teams, we’d love to hear from you! Skills - Could-have (but we’d still like to hear from you if you don’t have experience in any of these) • Data Integration: Experience in integrating various data sources and handling data within no-code environments. • Product Development and Research: Interest or experience in contributing to product development and related research, especially in the field of ESG and compliance. • Python and Cloud Technologies: While not a primary focus of the role, knowledge and experience in Python programming and familiarity with cloud technologies (like Google Cloud) can be beneficial.


Cultural Fit • Open to feedback. Being willing to take on board feedback from a range of sources, give it careful consideration and, where appropriate, to act on it while managing your internal gut reactions. • Growth mindset. Believing that your most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. • Inclusive . Striving to make sure everyone has a say.


What We Offer • A key role in advancing AI-powered ESG & compliance solutions using no-code technology. • Competitive salary with equity options. • Professional growth opportunities in no-code and AI-integrated tech. • Flexible working arrangements and a supportive team environment. • Comprehensive health insurance package.