Your assistant for questionnaires, gap analyses, & due diligence.

Wequity transforms questionnaire, gap analysis, and due diligence tasks into streamlined, efficient  and accurate processes by leveraging internal data to gain time.

Experience a 70% reduction in form
completion time.

Browser Integration &
Email Access
Streamline surveys with browser & email integration.
Simple knowledge base setup
Connect easily with your internal tools, systems, and drive.

Average annual savings


Number of questionnaires per year
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Rapid ROI
A 100-question survey takes 15 hours at €40/hour per employee, whereas Wequity completes it for €1/question on average.
Auto-fill for all formats
Wequity auto-fills across formats: spreadsheets, documents, or web portals.

How it works.

Register with Wequity

Select the 'Get Started' button to initiate your account creation process on Wequity.

Upload your questionnaire

Select a template, upload your custom questionnaire, or use our browser extension for web-based forms.

Build your knowledge base

Gather all the relevant content using our automated checklist of suggested documents, by uploading files directly, collaborating with colleagues, and integrating your drive.

Receive upload suggestions

Let our AI examine your questionnaire and swiftly suggest the best documents for you to upload.

Pre-fill the questionnaire

Have Wequity review your responses or get instant pre-filling to complete your questionnaire in an hour.

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Your data is in safe hands.

Data Privacy &
Security Assured
Data privacy and security are our top priority with GDPR compliance and (upcoming) ISO 27001 certification.
Answers you can trust
Every response is transparently traceable, supported by a definitive source from your knowledge base.
Flexible Hosting Solutions
Offering a variety of hosting options, we enable you to choose the ideal solution tailored to your security and operational requirements.