Business/sales intern
At Wequity we're looking for a Business/sales intern to join our team.

Practical details

Anytime (2 months minimum)
Full-time (min 30h - max 38h per week) or Part-time (min. 20 hours/ week)
On-site with possible remote days


• Support the Sales & Product teams in their strategy, business development and product design efforts
• Support Wequity in its lead generation process : you will assist the chief revenue officer (e.g. map out the full landscape of active asset managers, ...)
• Assist the product associate with the datas
• Manage the Linkedin messaging campaigns
• Prepare, start, review, and improve the daily Linkedin prospecting


• Professional experience. able to demonstrate previous positive work experience in startups, AI/data, Sales/Product or any field related to Wequity.
• To be flexible, and enthusiastic in addressing new problems as we continue to push product forward.

• Good written English, French, and Dutch (if possible)
• Organisation and writing skills
• Interest and knowledge of the financial sector is preferred.


• Open to feedback. Being willing to take on board feedback from a range of sources, give it careful consideration and, where appropriate, to act on it while managing your internal gut reactions.
• Growth mindset. Believing that your most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.
• Inclusive. Striving to make sure everyone has a say.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We welcome qualified applicants, regardless of criminal records, and accommodate special needs (e.g., disabilities).


• Meaningful work. A young and dynamic team taking on challenging and meaningful work.
• Expenses. Reimbursement of travel and meal expenses (10€/day).
• Flexibility. The ability to have flexible working hours and to work from home part of the time.
• Legal support. Internship under university agreement.