AI-powered ESG reporting on your portfolio.

100+ data points

are required to comply with SFDR. And this doesn't even include the sub-data points needed from subsidiaries and other stakeholders.

Fun facts

Goldman Sachs, a prominent financial institution, has agreed to pay a settlement amount of $4 million to resolve an investigation concerning its ESG funds. The investigation focused on allegations of misleading statements and omissions made by the company regarding its ESG investment strategies. By reaching this settlement, Goldman Sachs aims to address the concerns raised and ensure compliance with regulations governing ESG funds.

Focus your time where it matters, and leave the reporting to us.

Wequity offers a range of pricing plans to fit every budget and level of need.

Eliminate the need for manual data entry using AI.

Simply upload your documents, verify the content, and publish your comprehensive ESG report effortlessly. Our advanced AI-powered platform automates ESG data collection from internal documents (e.g., PDFs, CSV files, ERP systems, shared drives, etc.), eliminating the need for manual data entry. It intelligently pre-fills the fields of your ESG report, identifying and calculating relevant data points.

Streamline and Centralise ESG data collection and management.

Streamlined and centralised ESG data collection and management, which pre-fills the reporting fields encouraging collaboration and communication among portfolio companies and other stakeholders. Automated notifications, timely reminders, and enhanced team collaboration simplify the process, ensuring seamless cooperation across your organisation.

Craft your ESG Roadmap and Track Progress.

Build your dashboard for proactive monitoring and roadmap development, providing holistic ESG data for data-driven performance enhancement.

Assist compliance with complex legislation.

Deliver an intuitive real-time dashboard with ESG regulatory requirements that are auditable and easy to share, export or further integrate (e.g. SFDR, CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, etc.)

Maintain robust data security and privacy.

Easily connect to your existing data lake or make use of our reliable built-in storage on Google Cloud, while ensuring GDPR adherence, as we safeguards your data  and anonymising sensitive details (such as names and email addresses) within AI-generated reports. Your privacy, our priority.

Why is ESG relevant for
Private Equity?
Regulatory Compliance
Growing number of regulatory frameworks such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy. These regulations mandate companies to disclose specific ESG information.
LP Demand
Investors are actively seeking reliable ESG data to inform their investment decisions. Companies that provide robust ESG disclosures are more likely to attract sustainable and responsible investors.
Business reasons
Companies serving clients, particularly those in complex supply chains, are facing growing demands for ESG data. Clients send out ESG questionnaires to ensure their suppliers are not breaching UNGC and human rights principles and to gather scope 3 carbon emissions data.

Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from other ESG reporting platforms?


First, the massive automation we offer using Artificial Intelligence. This is helpful for the ESG data extraction from any internal documents, pre-filling your ESG reporting fields automatically; but also for the data visualisation, enabling you to build custom dashboards within seconds.

Which ESG reporting frameworks do you support?


You can use ready-made templates for the SFDR Principal Adverse Impact indicators (PAIs) and SASB (industry-specific materiality) reporting.

Soon you’ll be able to cover EU Taxonomy and CSRD reporting requirements.

Most importantly: you can create/upload any custom ESG framework/questionnaire within the platform, enabling you to meet your unique ESG reporting needs.

Do you offer free trials?


We typically do not offer free trials, but we’ll enable you to launch a starting phase for a very limited budget, which is subsequently deducted from your yearly subscription if you decide to pursue a collaboration with us.

Plans & Pricing

Wequity offers a range of packages to fit your needs and means.


ESG Simple

  • Portfolio ESG Dashboard
  • Annual ESG Reporting
  • Company ESG Dashboard
  • Document Library
  • ESG Reporting Portal per sub-entity
  • ESG KPI Template Questionnaires based on industry & size of portfolio companies

ESG Plus

  • ESG Simple Features
  • Custom Frameworks
  • Quarterly and Annual Reporting
  • AI-ESG data extraction
  • Regulatory Frameworks: SFDR, EU Taxonomy, CSRD, UN PRI, ILPA, etc.


  • ERP-integration
  • Audita bility integrated
  • ESG Plus Features
  • Non -Regulatory Templates: SDGs, BCorp, etc.
  • Unlimited ESG reporting campaigns Audita bility integrated
  • Unlimited ESG reporting campaigns
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Wequity helps you...

Consolidate ESG data points

SFDR requires more than 1.000 data points required per company. Wequity efficiently streamlines the ESG data collection from unstructured data sources using AI.

Gather data from subsidiaries

Companies have a hard time collecting ESG data points from their subsidiaries. Wequity enables you to configure and seamlessly collect data from subsidiaries.

Comply with SFDR

SFDR enforces rigorous compliance rules with many stipulations. Wequity offers a machine-readable report, accompanied by a checklist, to ensure error-free adherence.

Generate an auditable report

SFDR mandates an auditable report, necessitating intricate data gathering. Wequity facilitates seamless generation of transparent and verifiable reports.

Store your data securely

Companies face stringent data confidentiality concerns. Wequity provides the option to connect to your existing data lakes or utilize its secure default data storage

Collaborate easily

Data collection from stakeholders and subsidiaries is tough. Wequity simplifies it with automated notifications, timely reminders, and team collaboration.