private equity.

Meet SFDR requirements effortlessly with our platform's document uploading and ESG metric calculation capabilities.

100+ data points

are required to comply with SFDR. And this doesn't even include the sub-data points needed from subsidiaries and other stakeholders.

Fun facts

Goldman Sachs, a prominent financial institution, has agreed to pay a settlement amount of $4 million to resolve an investigation concerning its ESG funds. The investigation focused on allegations of misleading statements and omissions made by the company regarding its ESG investment strategies. By reaching this settlement, Goldman Sachs aims to address the concerns raised and ensure compliance with regulations governing ESG funds.

Automated ESG data collection & reporting

AI-driven reporting

Leveraging advanced AI, our platform automates ESG data collection from your internal documents and pre-fills your ESG questionnaire. It identifies and calculates relevant data, removing manual entry needs. Simply upload documents, verify the content, and publish your report.

Compliant reporting

Effortlessly share, export, and integrate your SFDR reporting in a machine-readable format (XBRL) with auditable reporting capabilities. Conveniently share reports via a link for seamless access.

Wequity helps you...

Consolidate ESG data points

SFDR requires more than 1.000 data points required per company. Wequity efficiently streamlines the ESG data collection from unstructured data sources using AI.

Gather data from subsidiaries

Companies have a hard time collecting ESG data points from their subsidiaries. Wequity enables you to configure and seamlessly collect data from subsidiaries.

Comply with SFDR

SFDR enforces rigorous compliance rules with many stipulations. Wequity offers a machine-readable report, accompanied by a checklist, to ensure error-free adherence.

Generate an auditable report

SFDR mandates an auditable report, necessitating intricate data gathering. Wequity facilitates seamless generation of transparent and verifiable reports.

Store your data securely

Companies face stringent data confidentiality concerns. Wequity provides the option to connect to your existing data lakes or utilize its secure default data storage

Collaborate easily

Data collection from stakeholders and subsidiaries is tough. Wequity simplifies it with automated notifications, timely reminders, and team collaboration.

Get started for free

Wequity offers a range of pricing plans to fit every budget and level of need.



Start with 30 days of Wequity, featuring extended features for companies.


Ideal for companies without subsidiaries, offering extended features.


Tailored for complex organizations with subsidiaries, providing advanced solutions.
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