AI-powered ESG data extraction from news & public reports.

Uncover ESG Risks. Align with SFDR requirements.

Leverage AI to uncover ESG risks and align to SFDR requirements.

AI-powered due diligence

You’re considering whether you should include a company in your investment universe but want to make sure there aren’t any red flags?Wequity's AI enhances due diligence by screening companies on ESG controversies, ‘Do No Significant Harm’, and Minimum Safeguards based on their ESG reports & news data.Supercharge ESG due diligence by 10x by letting our AI do the heavy lifting for you. Wequity ensures comprehensive ESG due diligence, aligning investments with sustainability and responsible principles.

Uncover ESG risks

Wequity's Screening tool enables asset managers to identify ESG risks in their portfolio companies, specifically potential breaches of the EU's "Do No Significant Harm" and ‘Minimum Safeguards’ principles.

Upload your portfolio, and get a real-time analysis of ESG controversies and DNSH & MS breaches at the activity level of companies.

Extract ESG data from company’s ESG reports

That 100-page sustainability report? Our AI breaks it down for you. Generate summaries, extract PAI/TCFD indicators on your full portfolio, and perform your portfolio reporting in a few clicks.

'Do No Significant Harm' ?

Under SFDR, asset managers must assess, disclose, and mitigate environmental risks, while integrating the 'Do No Significant Harm' principle into strategies.

Example ESG alerts
Employee health & safety

Unilever is embroiled in a scandal as over 70 women in Kenyan tea farms allege sexual abuse by supervisors. The multinational faces scrutiny and must promptly address these allegations, provide justice for victims, and prevent future abuses.

Product design & lifecycle management

The French company Danone is criticized for its management of plastic pollution.

Legal & regulatory framework

Meta Fined More Than $400 Million for Serving Ads Based on Online Activity Management of legal and regulatory framework.

Labor practices

Amazon CEO says company will layoff more than 18,000 workers.

ESG data at your fingertips.

Get access to the data wherever suits you best: through an online dashboard, email alerts, or direct data feeds.

Email alerts

Get instant alerts on ESG controversies and DNSH issues, empowering timely, informed decisions.

Online dashboard

Get access to a visual dashboard to screen new companies, your portfolio companies, and the investment universe.

Data feeds

Get direct data points through API, to enable calculations and integration with your own systems.

Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from other ESG
data providers?


The massive automation we offer using Artificial Intelligence. This is helpful for the ESG data extraction from any documents like ESG reports, news, and social media. It also enables you to get real-time alerts in case something happens in breach of ESG regulations.

Do you offer free trials?


Yes! You can get access to our dashboard with 50 companies for two months, and/or request a historical data sample.

Plans & Pricing

Wequity offers a range of packages to fit your needs and means.


ESG Simple

  • 3-year historical data
  • 80,000 News sources
  • Daily updates of scores and insights
  • API Feed with SASB Scores, ESG Scores, Main events, and benchmarks
  • 5 languages covered: Dutch, Chinese, German, English, Spanish, and French

ESG Plus

  • ESG Simple Features
  • Web interface with all graphs and scores
  • Unlimited Watch lists to track portfolios, investment universe, and industry lists
  • Email Alerts are directly sent to your inbox based on your custom parameters
  • Benchmarks on all scores based on index or industry


  • ESG Plus Features
  • ChatESG: Q&A possible on the news and ESG reports data to simplify DD on any company
  • ESG Reports on 10,000 companies available

Get started for free

Wequity offers a range of pricing plans to fit every budget and level of need.



Start with 30 days of Wequity, featuring extended features for companies.


Ideal for companies without subsidiaries, offering extended features.


Tailored for complex organizations with subsidiaries, providing advanced solutions.
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