Discover the leading ESG due diligence & screening solution, revealing Do No Significant Harm breaches in line with SFDR standards.

'Do No Significant Harm' ?

Under SFDR, asset managers must assess, disclose, and mitigate environmental risks, while integrating the 'Do No Significant Harm' principle into strategies.

Example ESG alerts
Employee health & safety

Unilever is embroiled in a scandal as over 70 women in Kenyan tea farms allege sexual abuse by supervisors. The multinational faces scrutiny and must promptly address these allegations, provide justice for victims, and prevent future abuses.

Product design & lifecycle management

The French company Danone is criticized for its management of plastic pollution.

Legal & regulatory framework

Meta Fined More Than $400 Million for Serving Ads Based on Online Activity Management of legal and regulatory framework.

Labor practices

Amazon CEO says company will layoff more than 18,000 workers.

Identify 'DNSH' issues within your portfolio

Harness the power of AI and data-driven insights for effective ESG risk management.

Uncover ESG risks

Wequity's Screening tool enables asset managers to identify ESG risks in their portfolio companies, specifically potential breaches of the EU's "Do No Significant Harm" principles. By using advanced algorithms and data analysis, it allows thorough ESG assessment, proactive risk management, and ensures investments align with sustainable criteria.

AI-powered due diligence

Wequity's AI screening solution enhances due diligence for asset managers, aiding in the evaluation of ESG breaches within prospective investments. Utilizing AI and data analytics, it scrutinizes ESG performance, risk factors, and industry compliance, enabling informed decisions and identification of potential risks. Wequity ensures comprehensive ESG due diligence, aligning investments with sustainability and responsible principles.

Stay ahead with real-time AI monitoring

Ensure SFDR compliance and effective risk management with instant, meaningful alerts.

Real-time alerts

Our platform provides instant alerts on potential DNSH issues, empowering timely, informed decisions.

SFDR compliance

Stay aligned with SFDR guidelines and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable finance.

AI-powered search

Boost due diligence with our efficient, precision-focused AI filters.

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