How Wequity supports compliance teams

The Problem

Insider trading is a significant issue that compliance teams face today. Detecting insider trading is time-consuming, and it is a daunting task for compliance teams. It begins when a potential suspicious trade alert is received, followed by research on a potential link with corporate events. This is where Wequity comes in to support compliance teams.

Our Solution

Wequity provides faster event searches with greater coverage for compliance teams. With our technology, compliance team researches a potential link with corporate news, increasing corporate events discovered by nine times, increasing coverage from media sources by five times, and reducing the time spent searching corporate events by 90%.

Our technology scans 80,000 news and social media sources in near real-time, ensuring that compliance teams have unlimited coverage, quick onboarding, and more time to focus on critical compliance issues. Wequity's AI pipeline includes noise filtering, event clustering, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and ESG impact analysis. These features enable compliance teams to focus on relevant events and prioritize their investigations.

Wequity also offers near real-time alerts, ESG risk scores, industry benchmarks, and an online dashboard. These alerts and insights provide compliance teams with the information they need to stay informed and take action.

Using Wequity, compliance teams can efficiently find the events that matter to them using custom data filters. Additionally, they can get a historical summary of ESG controversies on any given company. This feature helps compliance teams stay ahead of the curve and beat the media in staying informed about ESG controversies before the mainstream media.

In conclusion, Wequity supports compliance teams in detecting insider trading by providing faster event searches with greater coverage, reducing time spent searching for events, and providing relevant alerts and insights. By leveraging Wequity's ESG analysis, compliance teams can efficiently prioritize their investigations and take appropriate actions, along with addressing potential ESG risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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