How Wequity supports asset managers

Why should asset managers care?

ESG and, more broadly, responsible investing no longer sits at the fringes of the financial world. Recently, the concept of integrating more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive practices has become a key pillar of investment strategies.Not only because clients, and the population at large, demands it, but also, because of looming regulatory and governmental requirements to do so.

For example, the demand for sustainable investments have increased as inflows into sustainable funds have risen from 5 billion in 2018 to over 50 billion in 2020. In tandem with this significant rise in sustainable investments, regulatory agencies across the world, such as the SEC, are issuing hefty fines for companies found breaching ESG guidelines and partaking in greenwashing practices.

Lastly, and most importantly, as we face a period of global instability and an existential crisis with regards to climate change, the need for sustainable and ethical investing has never been greater.

The problem

In order to invest sustainably and abide by ESG principles, asset managers must avoid controversial companies and investments. In trying to avoid major ESG scandals, asset managers face some key difficulties:

→ Detecting ESG controversies is currently difficult and suffers from data-lags

→ Finding reliable and trustworthy sources takes time and resources

→ Today’s data over-saturation makes obtaining actionable insights incredibly difficult.

Our solution

Our machine learning and AI processes have allowed us to generate incredibly insightful and granular data. We are able to filter through the all the financial noise and extract only the most relevant sources, saving asset managers time and effort.

These models also automatically create clusters of ESG events, allowing asset managers to quickly and seamlessly detect clusters and hot-spots. We apply this granular data to our NLP processes, allowing us to attribute sentiment analyses of the data and, more importantly, allowing asset managers to quickly and effectively do an ESG impact analysis.

We are convinced that sustainable investing is the future and we are committed to making sustainable investments clearer, easier, and more trustworthy.

At Wequity, we help asset managers make more ethical, inclusive, and sustainable investments by providing them with an easy and intuitive tool that helps to steer clear of controversial investments and avoid any potential ESG scandals.

With unlimited coverage, over 80k data sources, a lightning-fast and seamless onboarding process, asset managers will always be a step ahead of ESG scandals.

We have applied advanced machine learning and AI to all this data. These manipulations allow us to

→ filter out the noise of all the irrelevant data → cluster together events of a similar nature → produce a sentiment analysis of the data

In order to stay one step ahead, we have also implemented near-real time alerts, making sure that asset managers are always informed of ESG controversies.

Why Wequity ?
About Wequity

We are convinced that sustainable investing is the future and we are committed to making sustainable investments clearer, easier, and more trustworthy.

Wequity started two years ago with a shared desire to make sustainability and inclusivity core pillars of investing. Since then, Wequity has grown significantly, and our dream to make finance more inclusive and sustainable has also grown with it.

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