We believe that money should positively impact our planet

Our mission

In light of the existential problems posed by climate change, the financial system is starting to implement sustainability at the core of its practices. However, the lack of data availability and the ensuing greenwashing practices that have emerged have complicated this transition. Our data provides unique opportunities to support responsible investing and take ownership of your sustainability efforts.

Our philosophy

At Wequity, we aspire to be an organization that values, above all, diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe that, in addition, to hiring the best talents, the presence of diverse opinions, cultures, ideas, and peoples allow us to create better, more inclusive, and ultimately, more sustainable products and services.

Our values

Internally, our structure and dynamics reflect the importance we put in values, sustainability, and wellbeing.

Be inclusive

We strive to ensure that everyone, no matter their background, creed, gender, orientation or race, has a say.

Focus on growth

We embrace failure & focus on learning

Create impact

We aim for positive societal impact

Have fun

We enjoy working & laughing together

Our team

Gabriel Levie
Co-founder & Growth
Franck-Victor Laurant
Co-Founder & Product
Sebastiaan Tuts
Angie Nguyen
Founding Product
Emilien Durieu
Web Lead
Samuel Verboomen
Data Lead
Vardan Vandelaer
Product Associate
Céline Carabetta
People & Awareness Associate
Guillaume Van Rijckevorsel
Senior Advisor
François Grandjean
Senior Advisor
Géraldine de Halleux
Data Analyst

Our investors & advisors

Piet Colruyt
Founder of Impact House
Peter Hujoel
Partner at Rivean Capital
Guillaume Van Rijckevorsel
Head of Operations at Darts-IP
Benoît De Bruyn
Founder of Newtree
Manolo Espinosa
VP of All Turtles & Co-founder of IndexTank
Pierre de Muelenaere
Co-founder of IRIS & Board member (Proximus)
Edgar Hujoel
Senior Investment Manager at Buysse & Partners
Lily Tomson
Head of Networks at ShareAction
Frédéric Villers
Founder of LBDA & Vcomm